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Welcome to the Stargate Novel Archive! This archive is for Stargate fan fiction that is over 150kb in length. Here's a little background on the archive and answers to some potential questions. 

Why create a specialized archive like this?
One of the founder's favorite archives on the internet, The Annex (for X-Files fan fiction), is devoted to stories that are novel length. It is an excellent place to find stories to read on rainy days, when you want to procrastinate doing work (or sleeping), or for afternoons when you just want to get lost in a long, involved story. Finding those long, involved stories is not always easy, however. That's why this archive was started, to locate stories based on the Stargate movie or television series that you can really sink your teeth into. Hopefully, it will also encourage fan fiction writers to write longer stories. After all, why should the X-Files fandom have all the fun?

What kinds of stories are archived?
Due to server restrictions, only General stories will archived. In other words, sorry, but no Adult stories or Slash stories will be archived, at least not at the present time. Other than that, however, stories of all categories will be accepted as long as they fit the length requirement.

When I download a story, it says it's less than 150kb in length. So what's with the 150kb rule?
The archive decides to archive a story based on its size before formatting. After converting from html to text format, however, a story often shrinks. Therefore, a 135kb-150kb story was probably right around 150kb in length before formatting. So don't panic--it'll still take you more than five minutes to read.

When I send you a story to archive, what exactly will you do with it?
It is the archive's guarantee that the text of your story will not be changed in any way. Correcting typos and proofreading are the responsibility of the author prior to sending the story to the archive. We will not proofread your story. Likewise, there are numerous spellings of words and names floating around the internet (British English vs. American English, Sha're vs. Sha'uri, Goa'uld vs. Gou'ald, Jaffa vs. Jaafa, etc). These spellings will not be changed to reflect the archivist's personal preference.  The only thing we will do with the story is check the formatting to make sure it is readable in text format (i.e. add double spaces between paragraphs, add some *** marks to separate story sections, rearrange header information, make sure margins are the proper size and there are no unwanted line breaks). If you feel the text of your story has been edited in some way, feel free to email the archive and complain. 

Why do you use a plain text style instead of HTML for the stories?
The short answer?  Because we want to.  The long answer? Some stories archived here are longer than 400kb in length.  It is the archive's wish to make all stories and series available in a single file for downloading. Since it is difficult to format a 700kb story as a single HTML document but not as a text document, the decision was made to format all stories in a uniform plain text style.  Another reason for this decision is that, while we agree that text files are boring to look at and restricting in that you can't italicize or bold words, it is easy to import the novel into any word processor and print out a copy of it to read elsewhere. (I personally hate reading 200-page novels directly on my computer screen, but that's just my opinion.) If you like your nicely formatted HTML versions too much to give up the benefits of a text file, however, at least consider submitting the address for your web site to the archive to place on a future links page. 

This archive is not responsible for stories that are mislabeled or that the reader finds disturbing or offending. The stories reflected herein do not represent the viewpoints and opinions of those associated with the archive. All Stargate characters belong to Stargate SG-1 Productions (II) Inc., MGM Worldwide Television Productions Inc., Double Secret Productions, Gekko Film Corp, and Showtime Networks Inc. All stories archived here are by permission only and are the sole property of the authors. They cannot be reproduced elsewhere on the internet without the author's explicit consent.

Submitting a Story
If you would like to submit a story to this archive, please see the Submission Information page.

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