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June 26, 2005 - Check out the New Stories pages for a massive update with 260+ new stories.  In addition, we have added four new categories to the archive: a Gen category that is strictly for stories with no romantic pairings, a Mystery/Suspense category, a Supernatural/Horror category, and a category called Alternate Teams that features Stargate teams other than SG-1.

In order to make this archive as accurate as possible, however, we have a simple request of our readers.  Many authors do not completely fill in all the header information, such as content warnings, spoilers, time frame, or pairings.  If as you are reading a story you find one that you believe is incorrectly labeled, please take the time to email us at and let us know so we can fix it.  This holds especially true for stories that have been labeled Gen on the basis that we received no information from the author regarding any pairings.  We try to catch what we can while formatting stories, but without closely reading every one (which we simply don't have time for), we can't always catch everything.

If you are an author of a story on this archive and wish to fill in some of the missing blanks yourself, please let us know at the above email address.  Also, authors, please be sure to check your stories to make sure they are formatted to your liking.  On rare occasion, bizarre glitches occur while we are formatting stories (such as 5-6 paragraphs/pages vanishing during the conversion to plain text), and the only way we can fix the problem is if we know about it.  Since no one knows the story as well as the author, authors are therefore the ones who would notice these strange omissions and be best able to report the error.

Thank you again to everyone for your patience waiting for this update.  Real Life permitting, updates will now be more frequent again, we will soon be adding Stargate: Atlantis stories to the archive, and we will finally be able to get the Adult/Slash archive up and running.

March 18, 2005 - The update and expansion of the archive to include adult/slash stories has (obviously) been delayed by Real Life issues. It will hopefully be resumed within the next few months, most likely after we've done another update to the current, gen archive. Unfortunately, since it's been a year since our last update and we haven't even begun work on it yet, it will be several more months before you'll see any new stories. Just rest assured that an update will be coming.

However, in the meantime, as some of you may have heard, there is an issue arising in the online community regarding use of the MPAA ratings (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17) for fan fiction stories. For those who haven't heard about this yet, basically they don't want others using their system anymore and have started sending out Cease and Desist letters to owners of fan fiction archives, telling them to remove the ratings. We haven't received a letter yet, but to avoid any legal issues in the future, during the next few days, we will be switching over to a new rating system on all our stories. So if you see a code on a story that you're unfamiliar with, this is all it is.

The rating system we've adopted is the Fan Rated Rating System, found at, created for any fan fiction author or archive to use freely. Therefore, our ratings will now be as follows:

FR-C:  Fan Rated Suitable For Children (Replaces the G rating)
FR-C+:  Fan Rated Suitable For Older Children (Replaces the PG rating)
FR-T:  Fan Rated Suitable For Teenagers (Replaces the PG-13 rating)
FR-M:  Fan Rated Suitable For Mature Persons (Replaces the R rating)
FR-AO - Fan Rated Suitable For Adults Only (Replaces the NC-17 rating)

Please bear with us as we switch over the many stories and index pages to reflect this new rating. The archive itself will remain open during this time, so some pages may be updated to the new ratings before others. If you notice any typos or glitches in the new ratings (or any leftover MPAA ratings on pages that have already been updated), it would be greatly appreciated if you would report them to us at

Thank you for your patience during this transition! Expect an update to the regular archive within the next few months.

March 20, 2004 - Check out the New Stories page for our latest update, including 102 new or updated novel-length stories.  Unfortunately, Real Life intervened the past few months and delayed the Adult/Slash expansion to the archive, but we are still planning to work on it.  Hopefully you'll see the archive opening during the next few months as soon as we begin locating long adult/slash stories and contacting authors about archiving them.

To begin preparing for the expansion, however, we've done some massive behind-the-scenes restructuring of the entire site.  This includes switching to a cascading style sheet to reduce the size of the index pages, cleaning up some story entries, removing email addresses from all the index pages (to prevent spam robots from picking up these addresses and spamming the authors), and reorganizing the story locations and all the story links in the index pages.  In theory, you should not notice any of these changes -- unless you have previously bookmarked or linked to any pages or stories in the archive other than the main page at  These links will no longer work.

However, if as you're browsing the site you run into a story entry or page that has "odd" formatting compared to the other entries/pages, or if you run into any links that don't work (either links to index pages or to individual stories), please report them to us at so we can get them fixed ASAP.

Thanks for your patience, everyone.  Enjoy the update!

July 25, 2003 - For your reading pleasure, we've added over 80 new novel-length stories to the archive.  Additionally, we will now begin work on the new Adult/Slash expansion to the archive.  If you have written fic(s) you believe qualify for this archive and would like to see them archived here, please contact us at  Similarly, if you know of an author whose work you would like to see included here, please encourage them to submit their stories to us.

Details of this expansion will be forthcoming; however, any opinions and/or suggestions of what you would like to see of this archive are more than welcome and will certainly be taken into consideration.  Also, expect that there will be some major restructuring going on behind the scenes of the archive during the next few months as we begin designing and implementing the Adult/Slash archive and, as a result, you may occasionally find broken links and/or that some files are temporarily inaccessible.  We will attempt to fix them as soon as we possibly can, but if the problem persists for more than a day, please email us and let us know.  All email should be sent to

Also, remember that we have an announcement-only list at that you may wish to consider joining if you would like to be kept informed about updates to this archive, either when new stories are added or about how our Adult/Slash expansion is progressing.

Once again, thank you to the lovely helpers who have volunteered their time and effort to not only help keep this archive alive but also to help it become even better, to all the authors who have made this archive possible by allowing us to archive their stories, and to all the visitors who have been so patient with us these past few months!

May 16, 2003 - My deepest thanks to everyone who's responded to my plea for help during the past month!  We now have a great, nicely-sized crew with some diverse reading preferences working on the archive, for which I am extremely grateful.  As a matter of fact, the only thing we're missing is someone familiar with Femslash in the fandom, so if this interests you and you have the time and inclination, please email us at and let us know, being sure to answer the questions listed below.

Also, for those who would like to know where the Novel Archive currently stands on the Adult/Slash issue, since I now have such a wonderful group of helpers, we will be expanding to include such fics sometime this coming summer.  Right now we are finishing an update for the current archive, and then we will focus on beginning that archive next.  If you have any suggestions or concerns about this, please let us know and we'll do our best to address them.  Keep an eye on this page or on our mailing list (which you can find at for further updates on this new archive.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and support, and expect a huge update to the archive within the next few weeks!

April 7, 2003 - As some of you might (or might not) be aware, at the beginning of February, I made an announcement on my personal web site -- -- of my retirement from the Stargate fandom. There were many reasons behind that retirement, but the main ones were my dying interest in the TV show and my latest writing project, a non-fan fiction novel. Thankfully, my interest in the show has revived a bit since then, and I've stepped back into the fandom on a very limited, part-time basis.

To date I've procrastinated making any announcement regarding the fate of the Novel Archive because, quite frankly, I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. On my limited timeframe, I can't handle the massive workload required of one person anymore, and yet I love the site dearly and enjoy working on it too much to simply close it or hand it over to a new owner.

Therefore, after a great deal of thought and some gentle nudges from several of the site's visitors, I've finally reached a conclusion. I will maintain control of the archive and continue working on it. However, I am also going to do what I should've done long ago and bring in additional help to locate novel-length Stargate fan fiction and to format those stories.

With all that said, I'm now looking for volunteers who would be willing to assist me with the Novel Archive. The primary tasks would include monitoring Stargate fan fiction mailing lists and archives for new stories, collecting and/or compiling stories long enough for the Novel Archive, and finally formatting these stories into a plain text document.


1. Several hours available per week to do archive work.

2. Willingness to join a mailing list or two, if not already subscribed to one.

3. The ability to work with others in a team setting to get the job done.

4. The ability to be impartial toward all stories, genres, and authors, regardless of your personal opinion of that particular story, genre, or author.

5. The ability to recognize that the author's happiness with his or her story is more important than the readers' or archivist's happiness.

If this sounds like you and you'd like to help out with the archive, then I'd love to hear from you! Please send an email to that answers the following questions:

1. Which of the following are you willing to do? (Choose all that apply)

- Monitor mailing lists or archives for long Stargate stories/series/WIPs
- Collect/compile those stories/series and verify that they meet the archive's length requirement
- Format those stories into plain text

2. How much time per week would you have available to do archive work?

3. What are your fan fiction preferences? (e.g. gen, het, slash, certain pairings, certain categories, certain ratings, fics focusing on certain characters, etc.)

4. Are you currently on any Stargate-related or fan fiction-related Yahoogroups mailing lists? If so, which ones?

5. Which of the following do you have experience working with? (Choose all that apply)

- Plain text documents
- Zipped documents
- HTML documents and editors (e.g. Frontpage, Composer, etc.)
- Microsoft Word or another word processor
- Graphics programs/creating graphics

On a related note, before my retirement, I'd been considering setting up a Slash/Adult section for the archive. I'm eager to follow through on that idea now, but only if I can find enough volunteers to help locate, collect, and format stories for it. With that in mind, if you're familiar with the slash or adult areas of the fandom and are willing to help starting up that section for the Novel Archive, please email me and be sure to answer the questions listed above. Or, alternately, if you know of someone who might be interested in helping with this project, please encourage them to get in contact with me.

To everyone who's been so patient and encouraging with the archive so far, I extended my deepest gratitude. Now, with your help, hopefully we can restore some life to the archive...and make it even better than before!

October 16, 2002 - In the past we've received numerous emails asking if the archive will ever accept adult (NC-17) het or slash fics.  Our server now permits such fiction, and, therefore, we are considering expanding the archive to include such stories.  However, at the moment we are uncertain how you, the readers, would like to see these stories added.  Would you like to see the adult/slash stories simply merged into the existing archive, assuming they were properly labeled?  Would you like to see us create a sister, slash/adult archive to this one?  If you'd like to see a sister archive, would you rather have it accessible to everyone or would you rather have it password protected to prevent minors from reading such stories?  Or would you prefer not to see adult/slash stories here at all?

In an effort to gather information to make our decision, we have set up a poll on this matter at our Yahoogroups announcement list:  If you are already a member and have an opinion on the issue, please vote.  If you aren't a member but would like to vote anyway, you'll either have to join the list (you're welcome to join, vote, and then immediately leave if you so desire) or email us at with your vote and we'll add it to our final tally.  Any and all suggestions about this potential expansion are welcome.  The voting will remain open until several weeks after our next update, hopefully before the end of November, after which we will announce our final decision and, depending on the results, open our submissions to adult/slash fan fiction.

June 30, 2002 - It appears that the address no longer works, so if you've been using that address or link to it from your homepage, you'll have to change it to:  Sorry about the inconvenience.

March 27, 2002 - For your reading pleasure, there's been another huge update to the archive.  Also, as requested by readers, we've implemented a new sort-by method on the index pages to help you choose a story to read: Sort By Size.  If time is an issue and you're looking for either a short, medium, or a long read, this section will hopefully help you find exactly what you're looking for.  Enjoy!

January 1, 2002 - Let's start the New Year off on the right foot, shall we?  In addition to a huge update to the archive with some amazing stories, nearly all of the index pages have been further split to provide for a faster loading and browsing time.  If you find a link that isn't working, please email the archive so we can fix it.  Enjoy, and have a wonderful year!

July 25, 2001 - This is the last move, I promise.  Once again thanks to Marcy, we now have nearly unlimited space at this new, dedicated server, not to mention a more stable email address than the previous Yahoo address.  The web site address is and the new email address is  Just stick to the address and you'll end up in the right place.  Sorry about this last move, but it's for the better since the archive now has plenty of room to grow!

July 13, 2001 - Good news!  The archive has finally found a new server!  The NBCi site wouldn't let WebTV users access it and the original Crosswinds site was still making navigation impossible, but we've finally found a new home with Cox Communications.  Huge thanks are extended to Marcy for the offer.  Please update your bookmarks and links to the new address:

We've also changed the link to the new address.  The older two sites will be deleted within the next few days.  Now that we have a stable, reliable server for the archive, we can get back to the most important business, adding more stories.  Once again, thanks to everyone for their feedback, their suggestions, and their patience!

June 23, 2001 -  For the next few weeks, please try using this new site.  The Crosswinds site will remain open as a mirror site until I'm convinced the new site is running satisfactorily.   Having heard mixed reviews, I was hesitant to switch to NBCi, but it's one of the only free, unlimited space servers available.  Thankfully, the banner at the top of the screen only affects html files, not the actual story files.  If you receive a "Page not available" message, hit the "Back" button and try accessing the file again.   Service so far has been sporadic, and, therefore, your feedback on the new server's performance is extremely important.  Please send your comments, questions, and suggestions to sgnovelarch@yahoo.comYou will determine whether we ultimately stay with the new server or not.  Once I'm satisfied with the new site's performance, I'll switch the address to the new one.  Thank you for your patience the past few months!

June 20, 2001 - I've given up on Crosswinds.  Their web pages have become unreliable; many have complained about pages not fully loading, an inability to access files, never-ending pop-ups, slow speed, and the list goes on.  Therefore, I will soon be moving the archive.  Please update your bookmarks to, and when the switch to a new server takes place, you will automatically be transferred there.  More information will be supplied as it becomes available.

December 29, 2000 - Since the number of excellent stories archived here continues to grow each month, the archive has decided to add a new Recommendations section.  You can either recommend one or more of the Stargate novels you have already read, or you can view others' recommendations.  If you would like to make a recommendation, you can click here; to see if anyone else has recommended a novel, click here.  Additionally, several more pages have been down into smaller sections due to increasing size, particularly the Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, and Romance/UST section.

November 21, 2000 - Titles pages and Authors pages were getting too large so they've been broken down into smaller sections.  The archive now houses over 80 novel-length stories -- authors, keep up the great work!

July 23, 2000 - For those of you who want to save time downloading stories to read them offline, the archive now offers Zipped text files for each story.  They are considerably smaller than the normal Zipped file and can be opened using WinZip or other decompression software.  Mac users can unzip the files using Stuffit Expander or similar software.  Enjoy!

February 4, 2000 - If anyone has tried to contact the archive or send a story to us during the past two weeks using the email address and has not heard back from me, it means I have not received your email.  That email account is apparently deleting my emails and not delivering them to me.  If you can, please resend your email/story to the archive's new address,  Thank you!

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