Submission Information and Criteria  


1. No Slash or Adult content will be accepted for the current, gen archive. All stories submitted that contain slash or adult content will be held for inclusion on the upcoming Adult/Slash expansion to the archive.

2. Stargate: Atlantis stories are not currently included on the archive.  They will be added in a future update, however, so if your story fits the rest of the criteria, feel free to submit them to us.

3. As a general rule, readers like to know what they're getting themselves into when they pick a story to read, especially long stories such as these. Please place the following information at the top of your story.

The following information is required and the archive will contact you if you do not include this information somewhere in the email or in your story header:

Rating (We use the Fan Rated Rating System - see details)
Content Warnings (required for stories rated Teen and Mature, otherwise optional)

The following information is optional but helpful to readers when picking a story to read:

Time Frame
Other Notes

If you're unsure what any of the above mean, descriptions of each can be found here.

4. All stories will be formatted as a plain text file. Since these stories are longer to begin with, text takes up the least amount of space. When submitting a story, please save it as a text file first. If you are unsure how to do this, feel free to Email the archive with your concerns and something can be arranged. It will be properly formatted from there. More information on formatting in plain text can be found here

If you find your email service has trouble sending large files, you can break it into smaller sections, but please mark each email appropriately (for example, Part 1 of 5 or something similar). 

In addition, if your story is located somewhere on the web already (be it in HTML or TEXT format), we can grab it from there and format it in that way. We will not link directly to a story on another archive; all stories will be housed on this site in a uniform Text format. If you don't want your story housed directly on this site, at least consider submitting a link to your personal page for a future links page.

5. Finally and most importantly, all stories submitted must be 150kb in length or longer in order to be considered a novella or novel-length story. This is roughly 55 typed pages with double spaces between paragraphs, or 25,000 words. If you have a series of stories that, together, is more than 150kb, you can combine them and submit them to the archive. Likewise, if you have one story that is over 150kb and it is a part of a series, please include the earlier stories in the series in your submission.

Also on the subject of fiction series, if you update a series archived here with a new story, you may submit that story to the archive and it will be added to the original, unless it is long enough to stand on its own.

If your story does not meet the above criteria, it is possible that it will not be included in the archive.

However, if you feel your story does meet the above criteria and you would like it included in the archive, please send it as a .txt or .doc attachment to: